Look how sweet this week’s blocks look!


They are just lovely.

Not much new for me to report this week.  The blocks went together very smoothly and I even was able to work on other things this week.

Linda asked me if there is enough fabric to cut the pieces for the fan bigger.  The quick answer is yes.

Your fabric is 9 inches wide and you are cutting one strip, some are 7 1/4 inch and some are 6 1/2 inch.  You can cut these widths up to the 9 inches.

You then cut 6 rectangles from each strip at 4 inches each.  That is 24 inches all together.  Let’s underestimate and say the width of fabric is only 40 inches, that leaves you 16 inches extra fabric, so you can add up to 2 inches on each rectangle and still have a little left over.

If in doubt, grab some graph paper and draw it out before you cut.  That’s what I did to figure out this answer.

Next week is our last set of blocks.  Wow!  This is going by so fast.  I did try to order a backing but the store didn’t have enough yardage.  What are you thinking of for a backing?  Will you be purchasing the suggested fabric or going with something different?  I would love to hear about your choice!