Hi All and Welcome!

I have been sewing for as long as I can remember.  Some time ago I started to devote myself to quilting.  I have looked at blogs all over the web and everyone’s pieces always look so perfect!  Mine do not look that nice until they are all put together.

Here, you will not always see the most perfect piece, but you will find tips and tricks as I learn them.  I am following some quilt alongs and working on other pieces and I will post as often as I can.  If you would like to see my work more frequently, follow me on Instagram, @lovinglylissa.

I’m also working on patterns and you may find some free ones here.  I see patterns very easily and often just work from my mind’s eye.  I’m teaching myself how to actually write them down to share.  I will be adding tutorials as well.

It may not always be about quilting though.  I do other crafts at times and have a family and home to take care of.  You will get to see parts of that life too.

I can be reached at lovinglylissa@gmail.com

It’s quite fun!  Please, enjoy.



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