A Favorite Thing

From time to time a blog post will NOT be about quilting.  Perhaps another craft I am working on, perhaps something going on in my life.  Who knows?

Today is one of those posts.  I want to share a favorite part of my craft room with you.

This cabinet;


Inside this cabinet is a hod podge of crafty needs.  Popsicle sticks, pom poms, ribbon, feathers, glues and tapes; beads, felt, stamps, and most importantly, google eyes.

When one of my kids gets inspired and asks if I have something to help them create their vision, I love being able to say yes, and open the cabinet doors for them.

My most frequent visitor is my middle child.  In the past he has drawn cartoons and wished that he could make them into stuffed animals, and we have.  In the future there will be a t-shirt quilt that he is collecting t-shirts and fabrics for.  Recently he felt the urge to make a small collage.

denis collage

A short while later and his current masterpiece was ready.

denis collage2

Yup..definitely one of my favorite things….that smile!

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