Did you have an easier time this week?  Now that we know what we’re doing the next few weeks should just breeze on by.

I used this week to work on ways on making that first seam between pieces one and two easier.  I found this great tutorial by QuietPlay.  @rachaelknitsandquilts reminded me of another tutorial from We All Sew.  This is the tutorial I relied on for this week, with a few changes.

First, I traced section two to the back side of the paper.


Second, fold back the paper along the sewing line between sections one and two.


Now here is where I go a little off book.  I place the fabric for section two right side up on the paper covering the section I drew.  I get out that trusty washable glue stick and stick it in place.


I folded the paper back again and laid the fabric for section one right side down on top making sure to cover folded back piece of paper.  I raised the whole thing to the light to make sure the fabric covered section one fully.  Make sure there is fabric over the edge of the folded paper for seam allowance.


Unfold the paper without moving the fabrics and sew along the sewing line.


Then just finish sewing as you did last week.  Not one seam was ripped by me.  I was quite pleased with the outcome.


Here we are half way done with all the blocks. How exciting!

See you next week.