I heard that Nancy Zieman was having a Christmas Stocking Challenge and I just had to enter!  It was finally the reason I needed to purchase a pattern I had been eyeing.

These gorgeous snowflakes by Joanne Kerton of CanuckQuilter.com.  I first learned of this pattern when I met Joanne at SewPro.  I have a heard time recognizing faces as I get to know people and Joanne had made a tote bag using one of her snowflakes on it.  I knew when I saw that tote bag that it was Joanne.

Each pattern makes 2 or 3 snowflakes and comes with a coloring sheet so you can design your snowflake.  This is really helpful when paper piecing.  I used the coloring sheet first, then I used a colored pencil that matched my fabric to color in the paper piecing pattern.

I drew out a stocking pattern and cut three stockings from it, two for the lining and one for the backing.  I used the pattern to place the finished snowflake on and sewed more fabric around the edges until the stocking pattern was covered.

I laid the stocking pattern on top of my snowflake fabric and cut the front stocking out.

Remember the coloring sheet that comes with the pattern?  I cut that out and used it to draw my quilting designs on the stocking.


I used a matching red thread, so the quilting is a bit hard to see.


I then assembled the stocking using a basic DIY lined stocking like this one.  There are many tutorials on the net, you can find one that works for you if you don’t like that one.

Here is the red stocking hung up.


And here is the picture of the three I finished in time to submit to Nancy’s Challenge


There are five hanging there now.  It’s rather hard to get a decent picture of them, there’s always one turning the wrong way!

Tomorrow is the announcement of the winners of the challenge.  There looks to be about 103 entries and just under 20 prizes, so I think I have a decent chance.

Here’s hoping!!!