It’s taken a while for me to get to this point, but my Fandango quilt is complete!  It is quilted, bound, and in the dryer as I type.

The finish size is 68″ square and I quilted it mainly with a walking foot through the 6 inch opening of my machine.


It was not an easy task at all.

I started with the center medallion and chose a design.  The compass points were stitched in the ditch, the small green fans had straight lines radiating out, and thelarger pieced fans had a lotus leaf type of motif inside.

After I finished the center medallion I repeated the same quilting motifs on all the medallions on the quilt and on the quarter medallions.  Then I went to focus on the larger green areas.  For these I echo quilted the arcs of the fans.



Quilting this part was MUCH easier than the medallions.  You can see the quilting better on the back of the quilt.


For the borders I just meandered my way through.

Here it is, all finished!!!!


When it came to threads, I used 50 weights of varying colors.  I used one color for the bobbin and tried my best to match the section on top I was working on.

I am so thrilled and in love with this quilt.  It was a huge adventure for me in terms of quilting, I really took some risks that I normally don’t.  My next big move is to get a machine with a larger throat space.  Each medallion took me an hour at the minimum and a large part of the time was folding and cramming the quilt through.

Here ends my Tula Tuesdays!  Thank you all who joined me on this journey, it has been fun!!!!