It was my birthday this past week and I just want to share all the wonderful sewing related presents I received!


First up is a light box.  I tried to make my own and realized that my birthday was coming up soon so just put one on my wish list!  Also is a Gingher rotary cutter.  My rotary finally gave up the ghost and I know my Gingher scissors have lasted for over 20 years at this point, so I asked for them.  I like the weight, still getting used to closing them before putting them down.

This book showed up on my doorstep from my mother in law on the same day my friend, Cassandra Beaver came over to sew.  I now have one autograph in it!  I don’t know when I’ll get another autograph in there, but I’m thrilled to have this one.

An adorable Binding Baby and Spool!  A Thread-o-stat to help grab threads as I thread my needle and a Wefty needle set.  I can’t wait to use all of them!

Now, look at these cool items;


New toys to go with Frannie, my Featherweight.  And a key for the case!  I’m looking forward to see how the buttonholer works.

I did receive a few *non* sewing items as well.  I can happily state I was thoroughly spoiled.

Lovingly, Lissa

(I’m not receiving any money for posting any of these items, just wanted to share what I got for my birthday)