Unfinished Objects, we all got them. I have a whole shelf dedicated to them. Hell, I got a Costco membership *just* so I can purchase some storage containers for them.

When I heard about Geeky Bobbin’s UFOvember I was all in. When she asked me to participate in the blog hop as well, I said “I got this.”

I was just finishing up the Quiltcon deadline and the Quilt Concert Series and took a look around my studio. It was a Disaster. I don’t pick up while working on a project, and since I always have multiple going at a time my work space can get overwhelmed very easily.

That is where I started. Cleaning up and taking inventory. When the day was done I had a beautiful studio again and these three piles.

And this didn’t even touch the UFO shelf I had. The Resume Pile is easy enough, it’s a pile of quilts that just need to be finished. One of them just needs threads buried. The Rework pile I am a little lost on what to do. There is one quilt I finished and didn’t like at all. I took the binding off and started un-quilting it, and that’s as far as I got. The other quilt is basted, but I’m not inspired to finish it as a quilt. The Rehome pile is a number of baby and child quilts I made when I was perfecting and learning new techniques. Not all are finished, but they are close. I plan to reach out to a local guild that donates kid’s quilts to see if anyone will take them and finish them.

Today, I want to talk about Rework. We all have a pile of quilt tops and blocks that we just aren’t happy with but don’t know what to do with them. I couldn’t think of how to rework the pile above yet, and that’s okay. We don’t always have answers right away and that’s what this blog hop is here to help with. In this case I decided to the aforementioned UFO shelf and pull out a box of orphan blocks.

My orphan blocks are extra blocks I’ve made that didn’t work in a quilt, test blocks for new patterns and maybe ones that I made a mistake on but they still can be useful. I wanted something that would just take me an afternoon and deplete the pile at least a little bit. I rummaged through and grabbed a few that inspired me.

Now for the project.

Let’s turn these blocks into cards!!!!!

The only thing I purchased for this project was some blank 5″ x 7″ cards and envelopes. I started with the mini blocks on the right and some scrapbook paper to create a frame for them. A little glue to hold them in place and then some machine stitching and here they are!

Next up was part of a leftover Dresden Plate from who knows when. I split it into two parts to make some funky hearts. Matching thread and a straight stitch and done!

Finally is a pile of string blocks I have. Now I really put a little extra into these. I cut them into strips and did a bit of weaving and rearranging. No real plan, just let the flow take me. I stitched them down a variety of ways too. I truly just let myself play with these and enjoy myself. I let the edges of the fabric hang over the card edge until I was done stitching them on and then trimmed to the card edge.

And there you have it!!! I have a few less orphan blocks in the box and now a nice set of cards that I can use, or put together into a gift for someone. Oh, I just thought of that while I was typing. Why not make a set of ten or so for that friend you have that loves to send cards?

This was really relaxing and what I like to consider mindless play. And it really helps spark your creativity. I may get myself more blank cards and just go for it whenever my sew-jo is feeling a bit low

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