Lovingly Lissa 2021 Quilt Postcard Swap Information 

July, 2021

Welcome to the Swap!  Please read the information below before joining.

There is a $5.00 participation fee for the swap, the fee is NOT refundable.

When you join the swap, you will receive the Sunburst pattern by Lovingly, Lissa.  You do not need to use this pattern to participate in the swap.  A PDF of the pattern will be sent to you with your swap partner’s information email.  

You agree to abide by deadlines given for the swap.  

The dates for the Quilted Postcard Swap 2021 are as follows

July 16 – Sign ups open for all newsletter subscribers who have subscribed before July 15.

July 19 – Sign ups open for all.

July 21 – Sign ups close.  

July 22 – Payment for swap is due by midnight.

July 23 – Partner emails will be sent by this date.

July 31 – Mailing Deadline.

There are no mosaics for this swap.  

Please mail by the deadline.  Quilted postcards can be mailed using postcard rates, but they will arrive dirty!  Please put it into an envelope and use first class to mail.

Please give at least 7 days past the shipping deadline (closer to 3-4 weeks if international shipping) before contacting me that you did not receive your pincushion.  Be patient, something will arrive!  If there is a delay that I am aware of I will notify you.

You agree to communicate with me at lovinglylissaswaps@gmail.com if for some reason you can not complete the swap.  I get it, things happen.  Just let me know.  

Please allow me 24-48 hours to respond to an email.  Maybe a little more time if it happens over a weekend. Thanks!

Don’t reveal the recipient of your swap!  Partners are a surprise.  The person you are making for is not necessarily making for you. 

Your Instagram account must be public so your partner can get an idea about things you like.  It also allows me to keep track of participation.

Please use the following hashtags for the swap;  



Post plenty of pictures showing what you are working on and comment on other swapper’s posts.  This is a great way to build community and friendship.

Please be sure to post when you have received your swap item and thank your partner!  

Honestly, all I ask is that you do your best, enjoy yourself, and don’t flake out.  If something happens, contact me.  I’ve got angels happy to help.

Sign ups are now closed! Happy Swapping Everyone! 

Thank you!!!



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