The James Stitching Sisters is a local group of quilt makers who make quilts for patients at the James Cancer Center and clinics.

I have always wanted to join in with them, but was unable to due to family obligations.

This weekend they hosted their 12th annual Quilt Day.  Everyone is invited.  All that  you have to bring is your sewing machine, an extension cord, and a willingness to help out.

Before the day even started there were 484 quilt tops brought in and 205 completed quilts.

Then there was this;


171 sewing machines whirring away.  Mine was there as well.  There were also volunteers ironing, sandwiching quilts together, and a few long arms finishing quilts.  There were also many volunteers making sure those quilting were happy and comfortable, providing entertainment and food and a welcoming place to be.

While quite a few of the quilters were able to complete 2 or 3 tops during our 7 hour day, I only managed one.


The pattern was called Tuscan Sun.  We all received bags with the fabric and backing pre-cut and ready to sew with directions.

I started another kit called Good and Plenty.  I almost finished all the blocks before the end of the day.  Despite being completely exhausted I did finish them before bed and laid them out to sew together.


I also brought home a quilt sandwich ready for quilting and plans to visit the Stitching Sisters once a month to drop off at least one top and one completed quilt and pick up new ones.