Yes, I am aware it is May now, but the measurements for the April mini Crossroads just went up two days ago as Sondra Davison of Out of the Blue Quilts has been very busy.  I am so glad they were up and I got it done.


The Crossroads block only had two colors to it, but I have been adding bits of red to the other minis and continued to do so this month.  I actually had drawn out the block a dozen times and colored in many versions trying to decide where I wanted to put the red.  In the end I didn’t choose any of the pre-drawn versions and just went with this. I am satisfied with it.

With the Mama blocks;


And all my current minis together;


The finished size of the mini blocks is 3 3/4 inches.  I’ve been working on such small blocks lately that when I went to make a 9 inch 9 patch I felt I was making a king size quilt!!!

Special thanks to Sondra Davison for the measurements.  I am having a great time with the mini version of the Crossroads quilt along.