Welcome, Friends, to the Stitching Stars Blossom Blog Hop.

Blossom. This word can mean so many things to everyone. With spring starting, we think buds and blooms. I think about the way the word describes how my venture into the quilting industry is going. With a lot of care and tending it is starting to bud and bloom.

Since the Sew Pro convention in the fall, I have slowly but surely made progress towards my dream of becoming a pattern designer.   There is so much more than just writing a pattern.  There is social media and self promotion, there is technical knowledge to learn, and there is a business to create!  So on top of the patterns I am working on, I have gained over 300 instagram followers, worked on this blog, and have incorporated and become Lovingly Lissa, ltd.

I spent time prepping for this blog hop reaching out to the other wonderful women who are participating and asked them to send me some quilt blocks. Andi Stanfield of True Blue Quilts had posted a LeMoyne star block on the Stitching Stars Facebook page and I used that as inspiration for a group quilt.

Very soon, packages started to arrive for me. I love receiving mail!!!  The blocks were made (in no particular order) by Andi Stanfield of True Blue Quilts, Becca Fenstermaker of Pretty Piney, Sherry Shish of Powered by Quilting, Pam Cobb of The Stitch TV Show, Paula Mamuscia of Creations by Paula, and Nancy Scott of Masterpiece Quilting.

Together  (with two blocks I made and forgot to photograph) they came to form this beautiful quilt.


When the top was complete I sent it off to Lisa Peterson of Lisa and Lorelai for quilting and finishing.


This quilt is now the Grand Prize for the Blog Hop.  You can enter via the Raffle Copter link below.

Stitching Stars Quilt Giveaway


Please visit all the partipants in our Blog Hop and help us all Blossom.

Monday, April 3, 2017
Lissa LaGreca: Lovingly Lissa – YOU ARE HERE!
Carmen Ross: See Carmen Sew

Tuesday, April 4, 2017
Sherry Shish: Powered by Quilting
Becca Fenstermaker: Pretty Piney

Wednesday, April 5, 2017
Lisa Peterson: Lisa and Lorelai
Pam Cobb: The Stitch TV Show
Deanna Wall: Stitches Quilting

Thursday, April 6, 2017
Vanessa Behymer: Vintage Barngirl
Paula Mamuscia: Creations by Paula

Friday, April 7, 2017
Andi Stanfield: True Blue Quilts
Nancy Scott: Masterpiece Quilting
Anne Beier: Hudson Valley Quilt