Isn’t all sewing “me time?”

Well, yes and no.  I do absolutely love to be in my room and at my machine.   Lately a lot of what I am creating are must do’s.  Things I am working on in order to obtain a goal I have set for myself in the quilting industry.   Sewing for fun and nothing else doesn’t happen too often. 

I don’t feel like I am missing out.  Until a night like last Friday happens. 

I took a class a local quilt shop to make a book clutch.  It was so much fun and I loved what I came home with.

I am not a clutch person, so I added straps to mine and made a cross body.  

On Saturday I just couldn’t stop myself.  I had to make more of this.  So I made a wallet to match the mini Tudor bag I made a few months back.

This fits some cards and cash perfectly and also can slide right into my back pocket.  Great for grab and go times and times I don’t want to carry a bag!

Saturday evening my daughter comes to me and tells me there is a huge warehouse book clearance going on Sunday.  Would I take her and a friend?  YES!

The book sale was $2 or less per book.  And some of these book covers are so gorgeous they don’t need fabric covers.  I plan on doing some more modifications,  adding card pockets, inside zippers, different closures, etc.  These will make great gifts and now is a great time to make them.  It requires E6000 glue and if you have ever used it you know how bad it smells.  Perfect outdoor activity right now.