Have you ever wondered how a guild quilt comes together?  I have and I belong to two guilds!  One guild handed out background fabric and instructions on types of fabric to use and block directions.  We all returned the blocks and one member completed the quilt top, quilting, and binding all by herself.

Now the other guild likes to get together and have some quilting fun!  I’m referring to the Central Ohio Modern Quilt Guild.  We handed out fabric and block directions to any member who asked, but once collected we planned a sew-in day to put them all together.

Of course there were some hiccups, but nothing these multi talented, extremely intelligent ladies couldn’t figure out!

First, let’s get all the squares laid out.



That doesn’t look complete, let’s rearrange and take another look.



We have a bit of math to figure out (thank goodness there were more abled thinkers, ’cause my maths skills were sorely lacking)



Angie is thinking I should put the camera down, get over there and cut the fabric.  And DO NOT mis-cut, because we may not have enough as it is!



Cam and Betsy are so hard at work they don’t see the picture perfect day out that window.



What’s missing?



Cassandra knows what it is.  The last 4.5 inch square that we just managed to cut out of the remaining background fabric!!



Everyone is smiling because it is coming together so nicely, or because they all know there is a camera on them!



Can you tell what it is yet?  It’s upside down in the above picture.  Here is the picture of the completed quilt top.



The State of Ohio!

Oh, it was such a fun day.  I so enjoy spending time with members of this guild.  I truly love this quilt top too.  Do you?  Well, then stay tuned.  It went home with the awesome Cassandra Beaver to be quilted and after it is bound it will be heading to the Ohio State Fair so you can see it in person.  After it’s attendance there, we will be selling raffle tickets to WIN THIS QUILT!!  I will keep you posted on when the tickets go on sale.