Last week I was the guest on the 52 Quilters Blog and Instagram.  I spent the week telling almost TEN THOUSAND followers about myself and hosting an emoji tutorial.

I’m glad I didn’t think about the number of followers before the week started, I might not have had made it through!

I created a 14″ square pillow with an emoji face on it using machine applique as I did for my emoji quilt this past winter.  img_20171202_121527.jpg

Isn’t it the cutest ever??!!

I experimented with some batting, using wool and another layer of scrap batting I had to get a real poof in the quilting.  The kids and I were very tickled about the poof and spent a little bit of time poking at the quilted circles and yelling “POOF!”

I’m putting the tutorial on the pillow up on the patterns page RIGHT NOW.  It also has instructions on how to make the EMOJI QUILT!

If you create a pillow or quilt, be sure to post on instagram with the hashtag #emojiquilt and tag me @lovinglylissa I can’t wait to see what you make.