About a month ago I received a package in the mail. Enter Mr. Inquisitive who needed to know right away what I received. When I pulled out the new book, “I Spy” by Kimie Tanner and Missy Winona of On Williams Street, Mr. Inquisitive started in with questions.

I told him I needed to make three of the quilt blocks and before I could say another word, he took off with the book. When he returned it there were three post it notes marking the blocks I was told I needed to make.

Well, thank goodness, he made the decisions! If it were up to me, I would still be deciding!! There are ONE HUNDRED absolutely adorable 4 inch paper piece blocks to choose from. I mean it, they are all just too cute!!

And if you are nervous about paper piecing, don’t be. There is a difficulty scale that helps you start with the easiest ones and move your way up to the harder ones. You can be an expert in no time. And it will be that fast. Each block can be made in under an hour.

Oh, so what did he choose? Well first he chose a cell phone to show his love of electronics.

A selvedge edge added a special text message from me.

Next was an apple to show how smart he is.


And finally an Ice Cream cone because he loves ice cream.

Chocolate is his favorite

I put all three blocks together into a personal placemat for him.


There are so many possibilities of what you can create with these blocks. There are seasonal blocks, food blocks, transportation, etc… You can make placemates, mug rugs, a whole quilt!!

Here are some wonderful makers who are creating with this book currently. And after you are inspired by all of this, head over to On Williams Street to purchase the book. Use code ISPYBLOGHOP for 10% off, good until December 16th, 2020.

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Lovingly, Lissa