New Year new blog hop!!

A New York Beauty Block has been on my quilty bucket list FOREVER. How could I say no when Cinzia White asked me to participate in a blog hop for her newest book that is ALL NEW YORK BEAUTY BLOCKS!!!!!

The quilt she made was originally a wedding present, what a lucky couple! It is absolutely gorgeous, the interplay of the circles and the radiation of all the segments, the colors and dimension. This is definitely a quilt you would be proud to have in your home.

The directions for a variety of ways to piece the quilt and the templates for all the blocks are quite clear. The blocks are named after Australian animals to keep them orderly. And there is even instruction on how to interchange some of the templates to come up with a personalized block.

I was only asked to create one block, but I couldn’t pick just one, I picked four!!! Starting at the top left and going clockwise you can see Glider Too, Cuttlefish, Fairy Penguin, and Tasmanian Tiger.

I was able to use the templates and a lightboard to help guide with the fussy cutting.

The piece called out for big stitch hand quilting, and I think it really enhanced the beauty of the block designs.

When it was all done, I had a brand new pillow cover for the comfy chair in my studio!!

Isn’t it absolutely perfect? I think so.

Now for some very exciting news! Cinzia, along with CT Publishing, is allowing me to give away 1 copy of the ebook! To enter, please head over to Instagram and find me @lovinglylissa I will have a giveaway post there, just look for the book cover!!!!

There are a number of talented creators working on the blog hop. Please make sure to visit them all.

You can purchase your own copy at CT Publishing

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Lovingly, Lissa