I’m finishing off the Hockey quilt top for my nephew.  I want to applique his name on the top of the quilt.  I used my Cameo Silhouette to cut the letters out using the same font as the team uses.

I put Wonder Under under a large piece of fabric and sent it through the machine.

cameo cutting

They came out really nice.


After that it was just a matter of ironing them onto the top border and machine appliqueing them on.  I used black thread to give them a little pop.


I added the top and bottom borders and the top is finished!


So here it is, the finished top.  I don’t have a back fabric for it yet.  This team is one of the few NHL teams that doesn’t have a licensed fabric. I may just go with the navy blue, but I’m opened to suggestions.

If you know of a fabric you think would go great with this top, leave a comment and let me know!