This month I had a great time playing with the Fab Five ruler as part of FatQuarter Shop’s blog remix. I was asked to use the ruler to create the pillow pattern included with the ruler. I grabbed the opportunity to use up some of my insane amount of stash.

The ruler is a tumbling block type of template. You alternate the top and bottom of the blocks as you are laying them out to create straight rows.

We love really big pillows in this house, so I added quite a few blocks to each row and a whole extra row.

We also love poofy pillows, so each side of the 24″ pillow was quilted with 2 layers of wool batting and backed with a white cotton fabric. Just look how much poof it has!

I inserted an invisible zipper on the bottom seam so it is easy to take off and wash.

The final pillow is so cute and used up 110 of these blocks!! I had cut so much fabric though that I made 6 place mats as well for my guild’s charity.

Lovingly, Lissa