The Quilt Postcard Swap is open!!!!

Please head over to the Swap Info Page, read ALL the information regarding the swap and the sign up link will be at the end of the page.

Need more inspiration to make a Quilt Postcard? Check out Dizzy Quilter who is making quite a few right now. Jen’s postcards are quite different from others I have seen. I may be using some of her ideas as inspiration to make some of my own this week.

And here are a few more of ones I’ve made in the past.

I enjoy fabric manipulation (I mean, that’s one of the whole reasons I play with fabric) This is an ombre piece that I pleated and then flipped the center of the pleat backwards to create an interesting texture.

Vintage hankies found at an antique shop, turned into postcards. I did some fabric origami on the hankies to create the skirts and the bodices are raw applique.

Are the wheels in your head turning? Do you have an orphan block box? Some small pieces of something you just don’t want to throw away? How can you turn that into a small piece of art?

I anticipate seeing so many wonderful postcards being created in the near future.

Lovingly, Lissa

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